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Our Corporate and Business gifts are custom designed to your specific needs and price points.  We can do multiple price points per order - ship your gifts to differents addresses - set up a continuing gifting program (weekly, monthly).
For example, one of our clients has us send out birthday gift boxes to their clients a week prior to the birthday.  These boxes consist of a 4 pack of fresh butter cookies and 4 assorted bags of tea for just $5.00 per box plus Priority Mail shipping (about $4.95 postage each).  The client sends us a pre-addressed birthday congratulatory letter on their letterhead to be put into each personalized box. 
Another example would be a 6 piece box of our delicious truffles, beautifully gift wrapped, for just $6.00 per box plus shipping to you or to your clients.
We can also do chocolates, Tortuga Rum Cakes and other treats.  We do Holiday packages but you should contact us in September to ensure stock and delivery.  Whatever the occassion, trade shows, congratulatory, best wishes, etc., we can do an inpressive job for you.
We cater to your pricing needs per client and try to suggest the best product (s) possible for your customer - beautifully gift wrapped and most definetly within your budget.  Pricing can range from $5.00 each to $150.00 each gift.
Please call us at the store, 800-322-7833 (toll free) or 570-322-5544, Monday - Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 PM (East Coast Time) and ask for Bonnie or Bernie.  We will help you make the best choice for your needs.